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Friday, 21 March 2014

How I choose cheap vps hosting India

I want to narrate my experience of choosing Cheap VPS Hosting in India which will help you people out there in choosing yours. It all started when I wanted to start a website and looking for some hosting solutions online and obviously I was referred some big names of the market for my requirement. But I always have some kind of negative feeling towards these big companies who are a bit lousy when they provide services to small companies or start-ups. So I thought of searching on my own on the internet for the best service provider who can fit in my requirement and make me feel that I am with a right person at last.

I started searching for companies by just typing hosting providers in Google which showed me some results of top companies around the world but not to my interest. I again searched by giving phrase cheap vps hosting india providers which was my exact requirement and results of which were satisfactory with the search results showing some companies list who have data center location in India. But my requirement of having a VPS hosting in India from a company which has its data center location in India is not completed yet as it got the companies list which were big in size and took more time in giving response to my queries on customer chat. That made me think to opt for a medium size company in India.

I searched for less known companies of India who has data center locations in India only and listed them all. I observed all these hosting companies have similar terms when they mentioned the package details on their website, so I noted all the common terms of the VPS hosting packages in an excel document and started updating the plans of all companies side by side about my requirement, which made comparing the plans very easy with all the companies plans being at one place.

All the companies package were almost same but some companies were offering unlimited bandwidth. Then I asked them how they are able to provide unlimited bandwidth when other can’t provide the same. I got an interesting answer saying that the people who are proving unlimited bandwidth are not having their server locations in India and they will provide this unlimited bandwidth from out of India i.e “Asia pacific” region. But as my requirement for bandwidth is not unlimited so I opted for the company which provides very decent package with good amount of bandwidth at very affordable price.

I have seen and read articles of many people complaining about companies who failed in providing the cheap VPS hosting India in many forums but for me it was a cake walk with some precautions which made me choose the service provider who best fits to my needs of hosting.